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About Me

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Amy is smiling, by the ocean, it is windy. There is a kitesurfer in the background,


Amy Salguero is a force of movement and fitness. Amy has been teaching acro, yoga, movement and fitness for over 20 years.   She taught dance for years, including 10 years at the University of Oregon as full-time faculty. She presents regularly at Yoga & Fitness Conferences, Acro Festivals and other international festivals in her nurturing, challenging, & fun style. After six years working for AcroYoga Internation,  Amy is currently focused on hosted events as AcroFarmers, working on acro as a vehicle for social change, blogging and re-committed to teaching movement in many forms.   Co-creator of AcroFit, an acrobatic, fitness program, as well as a Certified Personal Trainer,  Mobility & Recovery Specialist and outdoor adventurer,  Amy is often making up new core movements related exercises for fun. and figuring out their therapeutic counter-part. Amy is happiest by the ocean, wind-swept and sun-kissed. 

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